I'm pundone. I'm an animator and artist. I also do music, mostly chiptune. I also edit videos now in my free time and run a channel with nearly 500 subs. I sometimes do graphic design as well. Sometimes, I would archive, record, or recreate tv recordings, and would mostly do mockups. I'm working on big projects now, but not blockbuster level, but more "fan-made". If you want, feel free to support me in any way possible.


Some of my art & some graphic designs.


- Lenovo IdeaPad 3 - Laptop
- Gaomon S620 - Graphic Tablet
- OBS Studio for streaming/recording
- Lightworks Software and VEGAS Pro 19 for editing videos
- Beepbox/JummBox to make music
- Opera GX for uploading
- Blender for 3D modeling
- ntscQT for VHS filters
- FireAlpaca for drawing
- Adobe Flash CS6 for Animating
- Adobe After Effects 2020 for using Adobe After Effects

What I'm Working On

Dick Figures The Movie - Reanimation ProjectDisregards - a web series on iox.